Mea culpa!

Just discovered that I had not linked to Lydia’s blog. So sorry Lydia! It is now in the sidebar, and I hope you will all go over there and comment until your fingers fall off. Or at least until they get a little sore.

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Presentations; blogs

Most of you have signed up for presentations; please check the schedule to make sure I have got you listed when and where you expect.

Most of you are also set up with blogs; could the rest of you get me your web addresses a.s.a.p.? If you are having difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Blogs are sprouting like mushrooms

Check them out, via the sidebar. Anyone having any difficulties, contact me. Or one of the people in the class who have already set theirs up, some of whom, as it turns out, are veteran bloggers.

No word yet on the request to change the room.

Re. presentations: I will ask everyone next class to sign up for a particular play, so you might want to spend a little time this week recruiting a group and deciding when and on what you would like to present. Feel free to email me or leave a comment with your preferred choice(s). The early bird, and all that.

I think this is going to be a good class.

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