Performance/production project

Worth: 20%
Due: throughout the term
Length: 4-5 pp.
Duration: 20-30 min.

Since this is a course about theatre, students are expected to do a short assignment related to performance or production. These will be presented to the class. At the end of each presentation, the presenters will have some questions to initiate class discussion. A written report is to be handed to the instructor on the day of the presentation. (Note: please give the instructor any a/v requests at least a week before.)

Presentations will be evaluated on:

  1. appropriateness of choices
  2. enthusiasm /creativity
  3. effectiveness of questions; and
  4. presentation.

Papers will be evaluated on:

  1. focus;
  2. organization;
  3. links to course texts and/or discussions;
  4. quality of research;
  5. explanation of choices; and
  6. presentation.

*Each member will privately submit their opinion of the proportion of the grade that each member should receive, including themselves. (e.g.: someone in a group of three who feels that everyone participated equally would give each member 33.3%).


Performance of a monologue, dialogue, or group scene. Accompanying paper will explain the approach taken to the scene (parts need not be memorized. Costuming etc. not necessary).

Costume and/or set design; staging: choose a play, or significant scene(s) therein, and detail how you would design for it and/or stage it. Accompanying paper will explain the approach taken.

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