Length: at least one substantial entry per week
Due: throughout the term (I will be reading!)
Percentage of grade: 20%

Each student is expected to initiate and maintain a blog (a weblog)1 about the readings, class discussions, and related matters (such as other texts you are reading or have read). I will frequently post specific questions for you to address. Resources will be made available for those who are less experienced. There are a multitude of links here. As this is not a computer design class, emphasis is on content. You are expected to read and comment on others’ blogs/posts. This is an interactive exercise.

Blogs/posts will be evaluated on:

  1. quality and quantity;
  2. thoughtful engagement with course texts and ideas;
  3. respectful yet incisive commentary on others’ postings;
  4. connections between the texts we are reading and larger issues; and
  5. readability/presentation (blog entries are not formal essays, but you are still expected to maintain standards of literacy).

1 Please note: If you really don’t want to do this assignment, you may hand in a series of journal entries throughout the term.

Published on January 14, 2007 at 12:56 am  Comments (2)  

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  1. Hi, This is Mandi Gagnon, could you add me to the blogs. Thanks

  2. Dr. Jones,
    I just wanted to write and say that you will notice that I have finally caught up with my Blogging. Over the last few weeks, for some reason my blog would not let me sign in and finally once I got signed in it would not allow me to post anything. After returning from the break an experienced computer guy (my brother) figured out that somehow I had locked up my Blogg. Anyway long story short, everything should be working fine now, I have posted all my saved bloggs from before so hopefully they show up properly. I just wanted to give you a heads up.

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